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Tesla teases Model Y's shape ahead of its unveiling event

It may be under a black cover, but that cover doesn't leave much to the imagination.

Tesla just released a short teaser video via Twitter of what we can assume is the Model Y under a form-fitting black cover.

What this 7-second video shows us is that the big T hasn't exactly gone crazy with its design language because the shape under the cover looks like a reasonably straightforward amalgamation of the Model 3 on which the Model Y will be based, and the Model X.

We don't know a ton about the Model Y yet, despite that fact that we're supposed to see it unveiled Thursday evening, but what we do know is this: It's supposed to share approximately 75 percent of its components with Model 3. It will be 10 percent heavier and 10 percent more expensive.

We can only hope that the Model X's "Falcon Wing doors" aren't lurking somewhere in that remaining 25 percent of the Model Y's parts count, but given the price difference that Tesla CEO Elon Musk mentioned on Twitter, we don't expect them to be.

We've got opinions on what Tesla and Elon need to show during the Model Y debut event for it to be considered a success, so check those out here.

To find out how you can stream the Model Y unveiling event, go here.