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Tesla Model Y is the latest Radio Flyer for tykes

Man, all we had were boring pull wagons back in the day. These kids get Teslas.

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Tesla Model Y Radio Flyer

Kids these days... they get the coolest stuff.

Radio Flyer

For $100, anyone can be a Tesla owner... sort of.

Radio Flyer now offers a Tesla Model Y sit-down toy car, specifically created for kids from 1-and-a-half to 4 years old. So, yes, you can buy one even if you're an adult, but you might have a very hard time enjoying this particular Tesla.

But the kids will find a lot to enjoy. The steering is totally functional with the Tesla-branded wheel atop the Model Y toy car. Prepare for lots of honking, though, because the horn actually works. Something about toddlers and a working horn sounds like a terrible idea to me. 

As for the toy's actual design, it's pretty good and simply looks like a scaled down version of the electric SUV. The wheels (with rubber grip for tread), headlights and taillights all look proper and help convey the design very well for a child's toy. Best of all, you don't have to charge this particular Tesla since it runs purely on toddler power as they scoot around.

Radio Flyer plans to start shipping the Model Y ride-on toy starting Sept. 11 but preorders are open now.

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