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Tesla Model Y Long Range RWD version scrapped

It's not clear why Tesla won't pursue this version any longer, but those who ordered one reportedly need to choose something else now.

Tesla Model Y

If you've ordered a Tesla Model Y Long Range RWD, you won't be getting your EV, according to a Tuesday report from Teslarati. Readers told the blog that Tesla sales associates are now informing them the Model Y Long Range in rear-wheel drive form they ordered isn't coming after all, and they need to choose a different configuration.

This whole saga is strange, honestly. First, CEO Elon Musk said the the Model Y Standard Range RWD wasn't happening due to too low of a driving range. Instead, the company planned for a Long Range RWD version to make up for it. Well, last month, Tesla surprised us and revealed the Model Y Standard Range RWD. It's on sale now and you can order one. So now it looks like the cancel hammer fell on the car meant to replace the Tesla it originally cancelled. Got that?

We'd love some clarification on the whole situation but Tesla does not operate a public relations department to field requests for comment. But, the vehicle isn't listed on the company's website, either, so that seems like solid confirmation at least.

That leaves the Model Y lineup as the Standard Range RWD, Long Range AWD and the Performance, barring any future changes that will surely take place. Tesla loves to quietly tweak its lineup. Those who wanted a Long Range RWD model will now need to select the Standard Range version or bump up to the Long Range AWD model -- the next closest variants. But, if there's any consolation, Tesla is reportedly letting those with canceled orders hang on to the cheaper Full Self-Driving upgrade prices that applied when they first made deposits. These days, it's a $10,000 upgrade, but some customers paid as little as $7,000 not too long ago.

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