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Elon Musk says Tesla Model Y is slated for 2020

The CEO also added that the assembly of the Model Y will be a "manufacturing revolution."


A teaser image of the upcoming car.


Fans awaiting the Tesla Model Y, an all-electric crossover, got some good news from Elon Musk Wednesday: The new car is heading into production in 2020.

Speaking at an earnings call, CEO Musk also added that there would be a "manufacturing revolution" for the production of the new car, reports car site Electrek. The claim contradicts an earlier Reuters report that the Model Y production will start in November 2019.

Besides the aforesaid revolution, the Model Y will be built at a new factory location that's slated to be announced at the end of the year. Other tidbits from the call include the news that Tesla will be doing away with the 12V battery architecture for in-car electronics, instead using a different method that's aimed at reducing overall wiring.