Tesla Model Y: Every Easter egg surprise packed into the electric SUV

It's Tesla; of course the Model Y packs fun surprises.

Like the Model 3, the Model Y is full of surprises.

Would it be a Tesla vehicle without fun surprises buried in one of its electric cars? No, no it would not.

The Tesla Model Y follows the electric carmaker's tradition by putting in numerous Easter eggs for owners to enjoy, and now that the electric SUV's owner's manual (PDF) is online for all to read, we know all of them. If you already have a Model 3 in your garage, the Model Y's Easter eggs are identical, but maybe someone will find something new packed into the latest Tesla EV.

Things kick off unsurprisingly with the Arcade feature, which lets you play games with your steering wheel or a controller while the vehicle is in Park mode. Then, we move on to the quirkier items.

There's Santa mode, Rainbow Road, Sketchpad and Mars mode. Owners can also rename their car to "42" and receive the "answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything." Romance mode returns to light a digital fireplace in the car while it's in Park. 

A fan favorite, Emissions Testing mode, also returns. That's a fancy name for "fart mode," which lets drivers prank passengers with various fart noises via the scroll wheel on the steering wheel.

Finally, Trax will unleash owners' inner DJs with a variety of instruments and sounds available to create music while in Park. Trax works through the touchscreen but isn't available in every single market, according to Tesla.

Model Y deliveries officially kicked off March 13 and owners are starting to receive their cars across the US (though most of the first deliveries will take place on the West Coast). For new owners, get cracking on trying out all the Easter eggs.

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Originally published March 16.