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Tesla Model Y deliveries are coming soon

Tesla fast-tracked the electric crossover, and now, it's just about ready to ship the Model Y out to the first customers even earlier than expected.

Production Tesla Model Y
Coming to a neighborhood near you.

Those with a Tesla Model Y reservation received some exciting news late Monday evening. Judging by a flurry of Twitter activity, the Model Y is nearly ready to ship out to eager buyers.

Numerous Twitter accounts have posted email screenshots from Tesla that declare the Model Y is ready for delivery this month and asks soon-to-be owners when they're available to take delivery of their new electric vehicle. After setting a timeframe, the email says future owners will receive another notification on when they can complete any remaining steps, such as financing or a vehicle trade-in.

The quick movement is unlike past experiences, which saw bottlenecks and delays make for a slow start to Model 3 deliveries. Today, however, Tesla appears to be firing on all cylinders (internal-combustion engine joke totally on purpose) when it comes to production timelines. In fact, the carmaker said during its fourth quarter earnings call the Model Y was coming ahead of schedule, which led us to the March 2020 delivery date.

Tesla began early production of its latest model this past January, and with a few years of experience building a more mass-market vehicle in the Model 3, it'll hopefully lead to fewer hiccups as Model Y deliveries ramp up. Aside from US production, the company also plans to build the Model Y in China at its new production facility outside of Shanghai. There, Model 3 production is currently underway.

The first Model Y crossovers will be the Performance variant, which returns a pretty great range rating. The EPA estimates the EV will go 315 miles on a charge, which handily outdoes any other electric vehicle in the Model Y's segment. The Long Range variant will come next this year.

Those with orders for the Model Y Standard Range will have a little longer to wait as Tesla estimates 2021 for first deliveries of the more affordable electric crossover.

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Originally published Feb. 25.