Tesla's Model Y configurator is live, here's how we'd spec ours

Tesla's configurators aren't known for being especially granular, but that doesn't mean they're not fun to play with.

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The Model Y configurator is already live, so how would you spec yours?


Model Y has been unveiled to the public, and because Tesla isn't staffed with a bunch of dummies, it also launched the model's online configurator.

Like other Tesla configurators, the Model Y page is pretty spartan, I mean this isn't Porsche we're talking about. Among the big-ticket options is the available third-row seats for $3,000. This is in-line with what a third row of seats costs on Model X.

The rest of the options are basically what you'd see if you were speccing out your . You can choose between the (totally awesome-looking) base Aero wheels or the 19-inch sport wheels. The colors are the same for both models.

The only options beyond color, wheels and seating are, of course, Autopilot for $3,000 and the dubiously-named "Full Self-Driving" for a tidy 5,000 of your hard-earned dollars. All that being said, how would I spec mine?

I'd start with the rear-wheel drive Long Range model in Pearl White. I'd keep the Aero wheels, skip the third-row seats, go with a black interior and of course Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (because Navigate on Autopilot is great) for a grand total of $57,000 before "savings."

How would you have yours?

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