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Towing with a Tesla? Hope it's not too far from home

One Model X owner wanted to see how his vehicle acted while towing a boat and trailer, and the result was somewhat surprising.

Towing with a Tesla
If you're not going far enough to require a charge along the way, the Model X is apparently quite the tow truck.
YouTube screengrab via Andrew Krok/CNET

Telsa advertises the Model X as a suitable option for SUV buyers who need to tow. While that's all well and good, there wasn't any evidence of how good it was at the job. Thanks to Model X owner Max Kennedy, we now have on YouTube concrete evidence of the car's pulling prowess.

The Florida resident took his Model X and hooked it up to a 4,850-pound boat and trailer. At the start of his trip, the range was estimated at 212 miles. Once he hit the road, it dropped to under 100. That's the obvious part of the experience -- anyone who's towed knows that fuel economy suffers greatly.

What was surprising, though, is how well the car handled every other aspect of it. During the video, the owner noted that the Model X towed "better than my [Lincoln] Navigator, actually." When he tested the crossover's acceleration at 55 mph -- while towing a boat, mind you -- the vehicle had no problem accelerating hastily. "Like [the boat's] not even there," he said.

So, it appears that the Model X is a viable option for those who need to tow. Unless it's over long distances, that is -- don't forget, even on Tesla's Supercharger network, you'll still need 45 minutes or so to recharge to get those 100-ish miles back. That's a lot of time spent sitting.