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Tesla Model X test drive caught on video

The long-awaited all-electric Model X SUV from Tesla was caught on video testing at the former Alameda Naval Air Station in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Spy photos and video of new cars being tested by manufacturers usually come from the Detroit area or the race tracks of Europe, but a video has just emerged that looks like the Tesla Model X being tested in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Model X, unveiled in concept form in 2012, is Tesla's take on an SUV. The concept had large windows and lines similar to the BMW X6. Its big party piece were the upward-swinging falcon-wing doors.

The version caught on iPhone 5 video and uploaded to YouTube looks slightly more angular, although that could be due to camouflage on the vehicle. Whether it retains the falcon-wing doors is impossible to tell.

In the video, the car does acceleration testing and then squeals the tires while cornering at speed. The performance, especially the straight-line acceleration, looks similar to its sedan sibling the Model S.

As Tesla unveiled the all-wheel-drive version of the Model S last year, the Model X seems like it should be nearing production. It will likely use the same chassis-mounted battery pack, with similar capacities, and the front and rear electric motors, as the Model S 85D.

The testing, conducted at the former Alameda Naval Air Station, takes place on large area of unmarked asphalt. The cornering testing uses no cones or markings to lay out a course. Tesla's Fremont factory, 25 miles south of Alameda, has its own oval test track so it seems odd that the company would cart the prototype to this open testing ground.

While Tesla would not comment directly on the video, a spokesperson confirmed that the company is currently road-testing the Model X.