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Pimp your electric ride: Tesla's Model X configurator goes live

You no longer need to plunk down a $5,000 deposit to spend time building the electric ute of your dreams.

No longer must you drop $5,000 to configure a Model X. Now, every poor schlub can do it!

Tesla Screengrab via Andrew Krok/Roadshow

If you're looking for a great way to kill some time, look to online car configurators. Building a car from the ground up, from paint colors to every option in the known universe, is a fun way to pretend that you're a Powerball winner. Tesla's configurator, which previously only let you trick out the Model S sedan, now has the Model X SUV too.

Prior to today, you had to drop $5,000 on a deposit before Tesla would give you access to its Model X configurator. Design Studio, as it's called, lets you pick from colors and options, with a real-time look at what such a car would actually cost. It breaks pricing down into both financing and leasing options, including estimated monthly payments.

The Model S and Model X Design Studios are basically one and the same. You click some options, you look at some pretty pictures and you kill some time fantasizing what life would be like if you could drop six figures on an electric car with "falcon wing" rear doors. Head on over to Tesla's site right now to try it out, or just check out the video below, where a Tesla fan gives a walkthrough of the Design Studio process.