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Tesla quietly updates base Model X with bigger battery

But it wouldn't be a subtle upgrade without some equally subtle trade-offs.


Tesla had a very busy day yesterday. The electric carmaker launched its Model X Design Studio and revealed its refreshed Model S sedan to the public at nearly the exact same time. In the midst of all the hullabaloo, the company also introduced a small update to its base model electric ute.

The outgoing base Model X is the 70D, which packs a 70 kWh battery good for 220 miles of range. In its place now is the Model X 75D, which bumps up battery capacity slightly to (you guessed it) 75 kWh. That has the effect of boosting range by a simply staggering 17 miles, to a not-at-all-even 237 miles.

But don't think you're getting the same deal as before. Whereas the 70D ran you $80,000, the new 75D will cost $83,000. Top speed is also a bit lower for some reason, at 130 mph versus the 70D's 140 mph. You probably won't be caring much about range at that speed, though.

Tesla's still prioritizing its Model X production to some degree, putting out higher-end models ahead of the more basic units. To that end, 75D deliveries won't start until June at the earliest.

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