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Dutch coachbuilder RemetzCar gives us the Tesla Model S wagon we want

The one-off RemetzCar Shooting Brake is a gorgeous green wagon for the well-heeled and electrically inclined.

Few would argue against the Tesla Model S being a handsome car. It's well proportioned: muscular in the right places, sleek and curvaceous in others. Unfortunately, for hard-core automotive nerds, Tesla will likely never make a Model S in that most perfect of automotive forms, the wagon. Luckily, there are still coachbuilders in the world who will.

Enter Dutch coachbuilder, RemetzCar. Typically associated with stretch limousine and hearse conversions, it's decided to turn its talents to something eminently more practical and desirable. While it makes perfect sense from a business standpoint that Tesla wouldn't invest resources into making something that the bulk of the motoring public doesn't want, there is still enough demand for a Model S wagon that more than one coachbuilder has taken up the torch, and RemetzCar isn't the first (though it seems to be the best, so far).

RemetzCar calls its Model S wagon a "Shooting Brake," which, while technically correct, feels more like a ploy to tug the heartstrings of overly sappy automotive journalists than anything else. The Shooting Brake is essentially a standard Model S from the nose to the B-pillar, and then from the B-pillar back, things get interesting. Taking cues from classic British "brakes" of the past and present (the C-pillar area reminds us a bit of the Jaguar XF Sportbrake).

The panoramic glass roof gets some exciting styling touches in the form of a bright metal surround to the glass that doesn't match the lines of the roof. It's a little weird, but we love it. Inside, again, it's mostly Model S, but RemetzCar has added some extra fanciness such as color-matching the piping on the leather seats to the exterior color, ditto the carpets and glove box interior.

The most unfortunate part of the whole RemetzCar Shooting Brake conversion is that it appears to be a one-off for a Dutch man named Floris de Raadt, so don't get too excited about seeing one at your local Supercharger station.