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Tesla Model S rolls out software update to keep torque steer in check

We noted newfound torque steer in the 2019 Model S we tested, but Tesla said this update will fix that.

Torque steer be gone!

Tim Stevens/Roadshow

The Tesla Model S is largely the same animal it was when it silently rolled onto the scene in 2012, but we found that's no bad thing in our most recent review of the electric luxury sedan. We did find one nit to pick, however: torque steer.

While previous Model S drives hardly wafted the scent of torque steer, the 2019 Model S Long Range required a firm grip on the steering wheel to ensure the electric sedan stayed pointed in the desired direction. On Tuesday, Tesla said it's started to roll out a new over-the-air software update that addresses this exact issue.

Tesla said the software update, which is beaming specifically to the Tesla Model S Long Range starting Tuesday, adjusts front and rear torque split during various levels of acceleration. The automaker promised this update eliminates the torque steer we experienced during our most recent time behind the wheel.

The software update, combined with a revised suspension, should only further impress those who decided to dig in and let the car silently sink them into the driver's seat under hard acceleration. We noted the new suspension offered plenty of comfort and far more rewarding feel from behind the wheel in our go with a 2019 Model S Long Range earlier this year.

The Model S Long Range remains a formidable electric sedan, largely due to its impressive EPA-estimated 370-mile range. In our testing, we saw a theoretical maximum range of 382 miles. That included plenty of spirited driving. We certainly look forward to sampling the Model S Long Range again with this torque steer fix.

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