Tesla Model S Performance now boasts quicker acceleration

A 0-60 mph sprint will happen in 2.3 seconds now, according to Tesla, thanks to a software update.

Quicker and faster.
Manuel Carrillo III/Roadshow

The Tesla Model S quickly shaped what a performance car can look and sound like as it has evolved over the last decade. Ludicrous Mode became a well-known term and we saw the electric sedan clock 0-60 mph sprints in just 2.5 seconds.

Make that 2.3 seconds today. Tesla updated its website Tuesday to include a new 0-60 mph time for the Model S Performance, and Tesla told Roadshow it all has to do with a new performance firmware update that began rolling out a couple weeks ago. We know the company also recently rolled out what's called "Cheetah Stance" to lower the front axle, improve traction and, in turn, acceleration, thanks to an adaptive air suspension.

The no-cost software update also includes more power available above speeds of 80 mph, a peak power increase and increased powertrain thermal endurance by a factor of three. Effectively, the Model S can go faster for a longer period of time, which explains the updated 0-60 mph time.

This isn't the end for the Model S and its hard-launching, performance-oriented ways, though. Eventually, the company plans to roll out an even more hardcore Model S Plaid variant that should provide even more thrills.

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