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Tesla Model S officially on sale in Australia

​Electric car fans rejoice -- the Tesla Model S is on sale in Australia, and you can get your hands on your very own for a cool $100k.


The Model S is the second car from Tesla Motors to hit the roads, following the 2008 release of the Tesla Roadster sportscar. While the Model S has been available is the States since 2012 , Tesla Motors announced a right-hand-drive version of the car at the end of 2013 and the S is now finally making its way to Australia.

The Model S comes in three iterations: the 60 (60kWh battery), the 80 (85kWh battery) and the "performance" P85 model (85kWh battery).

Tesla boasts that, unlike a regular internal combustion engine, the motor in the all-electric Model S features only one moving part. This Powertrain motor sits between the rear wheels of the car, providing "instantaneous" acceleration (the Model S can accelerate to 100 kilometres-per-hour in 5.6 seconds) that is "like flipping a switch".

It can reach top speeds of between 190 and 210 kilometres per hour, and can travel for between 390 kilometres (Model S 60) and 502 kilometres (Model S 85 and P85) before it requires charging. Charged by plugging into "common 230-400 volt outlets", the Model S can be recharged at a rate of 110 kilometres range per hour.

The car also features a panoramic safety glass roof capable of blocking 98 percent of visible light and 81 percent of heat, and can be upgraded with added features such as leather interiors, "ultra high fidelity sound" and parking sensors for additional cost.

The Tesla Model S (car only) starts at AU$91,400 for the 60 model, AU$103,400 for the 85 model and AU$119,900 for the P85 model.

Because Tesla sells direct, prices vary from state to state across Australia due to different taxes, stamp duties and registration costs; for example, the Model S 60 ranges from AU$103,095 in the ACT to AU$109,363 in WA. Check out the Tesla Motors site to find pricing details by state and territory.

Model S variant6080P85
Driving Range390km502km502km

6.2 seconds5.6 seconds4.4 seconds
Top Speed190km/h200km/h210km/h
Additional FeaturesSupercharging optionalSupercharging includedHigh Performance Drive Inverter
Carbon fibre spoiler
Red brake calipers
Alcantara headliner
Supercharging included