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Tesla adds new interior finish option to Model S, Model X

When you don't focus on model-year updates, small changes tend to happen at arbitrary times.

The new interior bundle is a handsome arrangement, that's for sure.

Tesla doesn't really believe in model years, so its vehicle updates can arrive at just about any time -- like right now.

Tesla has given the interiors of the Model S and Model X some light massaging, Electrek reports. One update that applies to every Model S and X interior is the addition of a darker finish on interior accent trim pieces. There's also a new "Oak Décor" finish available in conjunction with the "Cream Premium" interior.

The automaker started offering its interiors in convenient bundles in order to reduce the strain on its production lines. It limits consumer choice, but it means the line won't have to dance between different iterations of the same parts as often. Tesla claims the preselected options were created from piles of user data regarding selections made in the past.

Tesla's often fast at introducing changes to its vehicles, and this is no exception. The automaker told Electrek that the interior changes will be implemented starting today, and vehicles currently in the preproduction process will be included in the shift.

While the Model S and Model X offer plenty of choice, Model 3s are still quite limited. Musk promised that additional variants, including a shorter-range (and cheaper) battery and dual-motor all-wheel drive, will be available for ordering when Tesla gets closer to its production targets for the single variant it currently produces. As of this moment, the only interior available is black, but white has been promised as well.