Tesla Model S sees $10,000 price increase, Model Y and Model 3 cost more, too

In the latest round of pricing musical chairs, all but one of Tesla's cars costs more in various configurations.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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More cash to go fast.


That sound you hear is the sound of Tesla customers dropping a lot more cash on some of the electric carmaker's vehicles. As of Thursday morning, the automaker bumped the cost of the Model S Plaid Plus by a cool $10,000. Other Model 3 and Model Y variants didn't escape a price increase, either.

The new price for the most powerful Model S now sits at $149,990 before a $1,200 destination charge. For this lofty sum, buyers still get a promised 520-plus mile range, a 200 mph top speed and 0-60 mph runs in less than 1.99 seconds, according to Tesla.

For the average EV buyer, though, the Model Y and Model 3 price increases are probably more important. This comes weeks after Tesla reduced the prices for both electric cars, and then scrapped the most affordable Model Y altogether. It's been a confusing time to order a Tesla, but bear with me, we'll sort it out.

The cheapest Model Y now costs $49,990 before destination with a $1,000 price increase, but the Model Y Performance holds tight at $60,990. For potential Model 3 customers, the price is now $37,490, an increase of $500 for the Standard Range Plus. The midtier Model 3 Long Range also gets a $500 increase and now costs $46,490. Like the Model Y Performance, the Model 3 Performance sticks to its previous price -- it still costs $55,990.

For Model Y buyers, it's especially a bummer, noting Tesla isn't actively trying to sell the entry-level Standard Range version any longer. CEO Elon Musk said previously it didn't really meet the automaker's range standards, but it's available off the menu. In other words, you'll have to visit a Tesla store in person to get more information on ordering one. It's also a bit of a crap shoot on when any newly ordered Model 3 and Model Y cars will be ready for delivery. The automaker recently bumped delivery dates out until June in some cases, likely as the company suffers from the semiconductor chip shortage washing over the auto industry and beyond.

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