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Tesla Model S deliveries are starting up again, report says

It's still not clear what shut them down in the first place, but this is likely to make a lot of Model S buyers happy.

Tesla Model S Plaid
It could be time for people to go Plaid again, if a Reddit user is correct.

Last week we reported on Tesla's unexplained decision to hold all Model S customer deliveries. While we still don't know exactly what caused the EV manufacturer to pump its brakes (figuratively speaking), now it looks like things may be going more or less back to normal, according to a report Monday by

The news that customer deliveries have started up again comes from Reddit user MrExitStrategy in a post on the r/teslamotors subreddit. In the post, MrExitStrategy initially said Tesla postponed his delivery after the scheduled delivery was already to have taken place, and then updated the post on July 23 saying other users had started receiving their vehicles.

That same Reddit user speculates that Tesla may have been issuing a firmware update to the cars that needed to be validated, which seems a little hinky to us. Typically, a manufacturer would validate its updates before pushing them out, but then again, this is Tesla. 

Generally, in a situation like this, we'd call or email a carmaker's PR department and ask for more information or confirmation of a rumor, but because Tesla doesn't have a PR department anymore, we're pretty much reduced to making educated guesses unless CEO Elon Musk says something on Twitter.

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