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Tesla Model 3’s aero caps can be removed in jiffy

If you don’t dig the looks of the aero wheel covers, just rip them off.


Response to the appearance of the 2018 Tesla Model 3 with the aero wheels has been mixed. While some may not mind the less sleek looks given the added aerodynamic benefits of the covers, others are likely to have sprung for the optional 19-inch wheels for an improved appearance.

However, the aero wheels don't look all that bad once you remove the aero covers, which is quite easy as shown in a tutorial video posted on YouTube. Pulling along the outside edge of the cover all the way around the wheel will have the cover off in seconds to reveal the nice-looking alloy wheel beneath.

Reinstalling an aero cap on the Tesla is just as easy. Line up the covering according to the valve stem notch and push to snap the clips back in place.

So before you jump on the waiting list for the Model 3, be aware that checking the box for the optional $1,500 wheels may not be necessary. The car with the standard 18-inch wheels sans the caps does look quite good and would save you money.