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Tesla issues recall for 250,000 cars in China over assisted driving acceleration

The Model 3 and Y "recalls" will take place entirely remotely, via a software update.


Tesla Model 3 and Model Y owners in China will soon receive an over-the-air software update to handle a new recall. Those with affected vehicles won't actually need to partake in the typical "recall" motions, since there will be no reason for them to drop by a Tesla service center.

According to a Reuters report Monday, China's State Administration for Market Regulation said just under 250,000 Tesla EVs are included in the recall. Specifically, the vehicles may feature a quirk associated with an assisted driving function. Drivers may inadvertently flick the system on, which can produce sudden, if not unexpected, acceleration. In turn, a driver may lose control of the vehicle. The report said the recall includes both Model 3 and Model Y vehicles assembled in the US and locally in China.

Tesla does not operate a public relations department to field requests for comment and CEO Elon Musk hasn't spoken of the recall on Twitter. The automaker also hasn't indicated that a similar recall and update will be coming to US- or European-spec cars, though the China recall could preview such an update.