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Tesla Model 3 Track Package now available for order

Smoke some tires silently with plenty of additional performance gear for the electric sedan.

Tesla Alaska Testing Facility
Silent drifting.
Nick Miotke/Roadshow

Tesla really does love dropping surprises out of nowhere. Perhaps that's part of the undeniable mystique around the company. This time, it's the Tesla Model 3's new Track Package, which the company website confirms is available to order now.

Thus far, Tesla's only included a Track Mode for the Model 3, which relies on software to shuffle power between the two electric motors in a more dynamic way. The system also pumps up regenerative braking to dump more energy back into the battery pack. But this new package takes things a step further.

Tesla Model 3 Track Package

We don't have a full image of the car, but the wheels sure do look good.


According to the Tesla website, those who opt for the Track Package will get stickier Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, which wrap 20-inch performance wheels. The automaker also swaps the standard brake pads for high-performance ones and some "track-focused" brake fluid.

This isn't a package buyers will be able to equip from the factory. Instead, the gear will ship to a local Tesla service center where a technician will perform the installation and upgrades. There's even more coming, though.

A slew of new YouTube videos show the aforementioned Track Mode is in for some updates. Currently called Track Mode V2, the system will supposedly add more customization, more data from the electric powertrain and tire temperatures. It's not clear if the company will reserve these updates for the Model 3 with the Track Package, or if any Model 3 Performance will snag them in a future update. Tesla didn't immediately return Roadshow's request for comment.

Those who do opt for the Track Package should note efficiency isn't the priority, as Tesla warned the equipment may affect the car's driving range. Performance wheels and tires will do that. Further, only owners of the Model 3 Performance with the Performance Upgrade are eligible for these goods.

It'll all set buyers back $5,500 and the automaker expects to start shipping the packages this coming April.

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