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Tesla Model 3 Track Mode V2 explained

Every Model 3 Performance owner will receive the free upgrade packed with new features.

Track Mode V2 piles on the customization for those ready to track their EV.
Steven Ewing/Roadshow

Soon, Tesla Model 3 Performance owners who selected the Performance Upgrade option will have yet another way to outfit their cars for more speed in a Track Package. However, Tesla also has something coming for every Model 3 Performance owner free of charge.

Tesla confirmed to Roadshow on Tuesday that Track Mode V2 has begun to roll out as a free over-the-air update. Owners do not need to purchase the new Track Package kit (a $5,500 after-purchase accessory pack) to get in on everything the updated Track Mode has to offer.

After launching in 2018, Track Mode supplied owners of the highest-performing Model 3 EVs with tweaked software to squeeze more performance from the dual-motor setup. The software shuttles torque between the front and rear wheels more effectively and dials up the dynamic capability.

So, what does the latest update actually do? To start with, owners will have numerous new options: Real-time data for the Model 3's motors, brakes, battery and tires will all be available. Further, the update adds a G-meter and an accelerometer in the Cards area of the touchscreen.

The neatest part of the update is the new Lap Timer function, though. Owners can drop a pin to create a start/finish line, and once the owner crosses the line, Track Mode V2 will provide an official lap time. Those looking to set new personal bests can compare current times with a previous lap and previous best times during a particular session, too. It sounds particularly great for those practicing their autocross skills.

But, for those who actually want to track their Model 3, Tesla's done one better. Track Mode V2 includes 20 customizable slots for drivers to save track preferences. Say a driver wants the car to provide more regenerative braking on a course with more corners, or stability assist off on a different track. It's all customizable and saved for when drivers arrive at their track of choice.

For those looking for some extra bragging rights, plug in a USB. Track Mode V2 will automatically save lap sessions to the USB after the driver enables the record function. Additional data such as vehicle position, speed and acceleration will also make their way to the USB in a separate file for those who want to dive deeper.

Combined with the new Track Package, the Model 3 will certainly be an interesting machine to tackle road courses in. We can't wait to see how the latest gear and updates translate.

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