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Make your Tesla Model 3 sound like a supercar with this incredible tech

Milltek Sport is known for making exhaust systems, but now it will make your electric car sound like a fuel-guzzling performance machine.

Some enjoy the near-quiet experience electric cars bring. They're virtually silent in operation and leave the drivers without the hum of an internal combustion engine and exhaust.

For others, it's simply boring, and plenty of engines create some seriously lovely soundtracks. What's an EV owner to do if they want the best of both worlds? Enter Milltek Sport.

The Tesla Model 3 featured in the video above does not sound like an electric car. Instead, some pretty wild technology lets the owner make it sound like a V10-powered supercar and it's convincing. YouTuber Archie Hamilton Racing took a look at the latest system from Milltek, called Active Sound Control, that creates the pseudo engine noise so brilliantly.

At its core, Active Sound Control is a speaker system that pumps noise inside and outside the car. The speaker connects to the Model 3's CAN BUS control system and the owner only has to worry about a Bluetooth connection to make the app work. The video surrounds the owner's preference for the V10 noise, which you can hear at a pretty healthy throttle at the 10:55 mark. Those looking for clips outside the car should skip to the 5:15 mark to hear some fake revving from the speaker. It seems kind of lame until you actually hear what the system's capable of sounding like.

Milltek's website says owners can customize just about everything with the system, too. From the app, owners can tell the system to make certain noises when, say, they lift off the throttle. If you want snaps, crackles and pops, that's totally possible. The video also shows how drivers can even tweak specific tones at "idle" and other situations.

I've felt for a long time this is absolutely going to be part of the future, should electric cars start to become the new normal. Milltek shows it's entirely possible to customize things in the EV era, and although the selections are limited to a five-cylinder, V8 and V10 engine right now, imagine the possibilities as sound engineers really start to get creative. Automakers are already required to create pedestrian alert noises, but if you're looking for a little more, this seems like the perfect solution.

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