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Right-hand-drive Tesla Model 3 launches next week, starting in the UK

In a tweet, CEO Elon Musk says he wants to have sales cover all of Eastern Europe this year.

Sales of the Model S and X plateaued in the UK in 2017, so the Model 3 introduction should bring some new energy to that market.

Nick Miotke/Roadshow

Tesla has been slowly opening up its sales to various corners of the globe, and those waiting with bated breath for right-hand-drive models will soon join the action.

In a tweet this week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the United Kingdom will soon have the ability to order right-hand-drive Model 3s, with other RHD markets following in short order. Musk estimated that the order books will open on May 1 or 2. It's worth noting that sometimes Musk's targets are a little optimistic, so there's always the possibility that this launch could be later than that. Then again, Electrek reports that RHD Model 3s have been spotted in California, so it seems pretty ready to launch in the UK.

In a follow-up tweet asking about sales in Poland, Musk said that Tesla is "hoping to cover all of Eastern Europe this year." Tesla has not provided concrete plans for every stage of its Model 3 rollout, so it's unclear when this will happen, but Musk will likely provide future updates on Twitter or through Tesla's blog and Twitter account.

It's also unclear if UK sales will be limited to any specific variants, or if buyers will have access to the full breadth of Model 3 variants at the outset. Right now, there are three Model 3 variants showing up on Tesla's US configurator page -- the 240-mile Standard Range Plus, the 310-mile Long Range and the righteously quick Performance. While it's not on the page, the fabled $35,000 base model is available for off-menu ordering, as well.

Adding more markets to Tesla's sales umbrella could help the company shore up its finances after a particularly ugly first quarter. Tesla unveiled its Q1 2019 financials earlier this week, reporting a revenue 41 percent lower than the previous quarter and a net loss of about $700 million. On the quarterly conference call with media and investors, Musk said that Tesla plans to launch an insurance product in the coming months, as well.