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Tim Stevens/Roadshow

Tesla Model 3 hypermilers achieve 606.2 miles on single charge

That cabin must have smelled lovely at the end.

Hypermiling is practically its own sport, as green-minded folks attempt to squeeze every last bit of efficiency out of a vehicle, whether it's electric or gas. Using some unconventional driving tactics, someone managed to get nutso range out of a Tesla Model 3.

After 32 hours of driving, Sean Mitchell and Erik Strait managed a ridiculously impressive 606.2 miles on a single charge in a silver Tesla Model 3. It beat a previous record of 560 miles from a larger Tesla Model S P100D, but it fell slightly short of an alleged 670-mile run from last August.

Mitchell and Strait started at a Supercharger near Denver International Airport, and didn't get much farther than that -- the nearby drive route was basically a mile-long loop that the pair drove between 20 and 30 mph. They only occasionally stopped to use the bathroom, and received food from friends using a net held out the window.

In order to eke out every last bit of energy from the Model 3's battery, the pair didn't use air conditioning, and tinted the windows to help reduce the interior's temperature. While it helped, it didn't keep all the heat out -- at one point, Mitchell claimed the interior reached a balmy 108 degrees Fahrenheit. Thankfully the live video they recorded during the run didn't include Smell-O-Vision.

While it may very well earn the duo a Guinness World Record, it also earned the Model 3 a trip to the local service center. Mitchell tweeted that, after leaving the Model 3 overnight at a Supercharger, it refused to take a charge and was thus sent off to the service center. As of this writing, the problem hasn't been resolved, but Mitchell seems pretty upbeat about the whole thing.