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Tesla Model 3 takes on Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle

A Model 3 Performance and the electric motorcycle have at it, and the results are -- here comes the pun -- shocking.

Straight-line speed is hardly the best way to measure overall performance of a vehicle, but gosh darn it, it's quick and produces results. In this case, we have two modes of transport: a car and a motorcycle.

But these are different versions of the car and motorcycle we know. The car is none other than the Tesla Model 3 Performance, a benchmark for performance EVs. The motorcycle is Harley-Davidson's LiveWire -- its first electric motorcycle. Both are kind of trailblazers to an extent, and at the drag strip, we learned which is quicker.

Drumroll, please -- the cup goes to the Harley. Time slips from the run show the LiveWire just barely squeezed out the win over the Model 3. Honestly, it's sort of a win for both. The Model 3 is far, far heavier than the motorcycle. On the other hand, the LiveWire has way less power to its name. The Tesla weighs about 4,100 pounds and estimates peg it at around 450 horsepower. The Harley only weighs 550 pounds, but rockets away from a standstill with 105 hp and 86 pound-feet of torque available instantly.

If this were a longer race than a quarter mile, the Model 3 very well may have won. The Harley clocked a speed of 110 mph, while the Tesla passed the finish line at 113 mph. It certainly appears the Tesla continued to gain on the motorcycle and likely would have passed the Harley if the race went on.

So, kudos to Harley for building a very quick motorcycle, but a congratulations are due for Tesla as well, because, well, it's still mighty quick with electric power flowing to all four wheels.

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