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Tesla Model 3 production to undergo a week-long shutdown, report says

The EV giant is stopping production on its Model 3 to address automation problems on the line.

Hey, you know how the whole of the internet is abuzz about Tesla's continued production difficulties with its Model 3? Well, it's about to get buzzier, because despite missing production targets at every turn, Elon Musk is shutting down production for a week. This is not the first time such a shutdown has taken place, but the timing -- hot on the heels of last week's CBS This Morning interview and at a time where more and more of those with reservations are getting antsy -- isn't great.

Shutdown? Crazy, right? Well, according to a report by BuzzFeed News, Daddy Elon is shutting down the whole show to enhance efficiencies in the automated portions of the production cycle. This is an interesting move considering his recent comments stating that over-dependence on automation might at the root be the problem. Exactly what the improvements are hasn't been made clear.

While we're seeing more Model 3's on the road every day, this production stoppage doesn't necessarily instill confidence.

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According to BuzzFeed's source inside Tesla, employees can either take the week without pay or use vacation time. While furloughs and production shutdowns of this type aren't uncommon in the automotive industry, and it's standard policy, it's still a bummer to hear for the fine folks in Fremont.

This shutdown also comes on the heels of Musk taking over Model 3 production from former Apple exec Doug Field and a much-publicized interview with Gayle King of CBS This Morning, where he talked about sleeping at the factory to better solve problems in real time.

Hopefully this pause in production is effective and helps with continued ramp-up for the Model 3. If it isn't, then we hate to think what might be in store for Mr. Musk's grand electric car experiment.