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Tesla's flashy Easter egg turns charging into a light party

Certain Tesla models will turn into miniature discotheques at the press of a button.


Earlier this year, we learned of a Tesla Easter egg that turns the Autopilot display into something akin to Mario Kart's kaleidoscopic Rainbow Road track. CEO Elon Musk promised that more fun little things were in store, and it appears that Tesla owners have discovered one of 'em.

Electrek alerted us to a video posted by Tesla owner Kevin Schreiber, who turned his electric charging port into a veritable rainbow by pressing the button on the charge handle 10 times while the car is locked and charging. As you can see in the video below, it might not be for the faint of eye -- especially if the sight of rapidly shifting colors screws with your head.

Apparently this Easter egg isn't loaded into every Model S and Model X on the road. It might only work on the most recent models, as owners of older cars are reporting that they can't get the trick to work. But considering how easy it is to activate, it won't hurt to see if this trick works on your Tesla.