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Tesla launching Model X electric crossover at September 29 event

An invitation sent to journalists confirms that Tesla's electric crossover will reach its first customers next week.

Tesla's third EV reaches customers next week. Tesla

Invitations to the official launch of the Tesla Model X electric crossover SUV are hitting inboxes this morning.

The shadowy Model X Delivery Event invitation simply depicts the crossover in silhouette with its characteristic vertical, dual-hinged "Falcon doors" deployed and LED daytime running lights glowing. The event will be held at Tesla's Fremont, California, factory at 7 p.m. PT on September 29, which lines up with an earlier confirmation that the Model X will reach the first customers by September 30.

The fully electric Model X will be Tesla's third production vehicle, following the compact Roadster and the Model S sedan. The crossover will use a version of the electric all-wheel drive power train found in the "D" versions of the Model S, but with a taller chassis wrapped around it and a more robust suspension beneath. Width and wheelbase will be identical to the sedan. We expect that the taller, heavier SUV's range will be about 10 percent lower than the S' stated 230- to 265-mile estimates.

Mark your calendars, EV fans. We'll be there delivering all the details of the launch.