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Tesla gets good reviews at Bentley

'Automotive News' reports on Bentley testing of the Tesla Roadster.

Automotive News

Automotive News

The Tesla Roadster electric sports car won't go on sale in Europe until the fall of 2009 (for a hefty price of about $160,000). But at least one early version has found its way across the Atlantic; Bentley, which specializes in heavyweight luxury cars, has one of the light, electric runabouts.

The aluminum roadster, with 6,831 laptop batteries jammed into its rear section, has been tested by Bentley CEO Franz-Josef Paefgen and development chief Ulrich Eichhorn. Says Eichhorn, "Not as hot as a Lotus, but absolutely a great driving experience." Lotus delivers the Tesla chassis.

But don't look for an electric Bentley; the required batteries would be too heavy. And Bentleys would have to shrink.

(Source: Automotive News)