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Tesla's Full Self-Driving computer retrofit program could roll out this year, Musk says

The Big T's CEO took to Twitter once again to talk about the rumored retrofit program that would bring the brand's powerful new computer to older model Teslas.

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Elon Musk has been at it on Twitter again, this time talking about plans for a potential fall/winter rollout of the full self-driving computer retrofit.
Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Tesla's high-powered in-house-designed "Full Self-Driving" chip has been in production for a while now, and it's been fitted as standard to new Teslas since early 2019. The problem with that though is that it leaves owners of older Teslas out in the cold, right?

Wrong, according to Elon Musk. The company is currently planning on offering the new hardware retrofit to owners of HW2-spec Teslas for no additional cost, provided the owners have already ponied up the dough for Full Self-Driving functionality. 

Owners that didn't buy into the whole Full Self-Driving thing will still be able to upgrade, but they'll pay to do so. Currently, Musk estimates that there are approximately half a million Teslas on the road that would be able to be retrofitted to the new FSD chips, which is more than we expected.

The roll-out of this retrofit program isn't set in stone yet, but Musk speculated on Twitter that it would start sometime in Q4 of 2019. He also didn't hint at the cost of upgrading for those owners who would have to pay.

Tesla declined to comment further on the subject.

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