Tesla Full Self-Driving beta 10.2 rolls out to more owners -- perfect safety score required

For a group of careful drivers who've paid to access the system, Tesla's Full Self-Driving has arrived.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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Tesla Full Self-Driving beta
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Tesla Full Self-Driving beta

Coming to more drivers.


Tesla's Full Self-Driving beta is now rolling out to more owners than ever after CEO Elon Musk confirmed early Monday morning beta 10.2 is ready for download. This latest update will be available to the current group of beta testers, but it also expands to owners who've achieved perfect safety scores over 100 miles of driving. These scores determine eligibility for FSD right now; Tesla wants only the most responsible drivers to use this system.

As a reminder, Tesla's Full Self-Driving is not a fully autonomous system and ranks as a Level 2 driver-assist system on the SAE Scale of Autonomy.

There's a marked improvement when it comes to making sure Tesla drivers pay attention while using FSD, too. According to the release notes posted to Twitter, the cabin camera above the rearview mirror will keep an eye on drivers to ensure they're paying attention while FSD runs. The car will now issue audible alerts if it determines a driver isn't paying attention. According to another Twitter user, who says they've already tested FSD 10.2, driver monitoring is "significantly strengthened." When they had a phone in their hand, FSD issued a message saying the system was unavailable for the rest of the drive.

Aside from the monitoring systems, the beta includes new visualizations and other improvements to create a more seamless system. Musk tweeted earlier this weekend saying 10.2 was actually delayed after noticing a few "last minute concerns," and dished the Sunday or Monday timeframe. Indeed, the system update was ready today.

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