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Tesla's started its Full Self-Driving computer retrofits, report says

At least one Model S owner has received a surprise FSD hardware retrofit for his car.

Two big, square AI processors power Tesla's third-generation full self-driving car computer. Tesla showed the computer at the Hot Chips conference.
Tesla's started to enact its FSD computer retrofit program and it has drivers all abuzz.
Stephen Shankland/CNET

Earlier this year, we learned all about the super-powerful and designed-in-house Tesla Full Self-Driving computer. We also learned that Tesla would be making it available as a retrofit to older cars, but we weren't entirely sure when that would happen.

Well, according to a report published Thursday by Electrek, it's happening now. Electrek dug up a Twitter post by Model S owner Sofiaan Fraval claiming that Tesla retrofitted his car for free when it went in for other services.

The free part isn't really news since Musk claimed that everyone who purchased the Full Self-Driving option would get the upgrade for free. Cars produced since April of this year already have it installed from the factory.

So what do you do if you have an eligible Model S or X and you've paid for FSD, and you want your car upgraded? Unfortunately, there's not much you can do. There are many thousands of cars on the road that qualify for the free retrofit and Tesla is rolling it out in stages, so you're just going to have to be patient.

Not that it should really be anything to get worked up over since the "Full Self-Driving" name is a bit misleading. Having the new computer installed doesn't mean you'll be living out your best Minority Report-type fantasies.

This is because A) Tesla hasn't released the software necessary to make autonomy a thing (because it likely doesn't exist yet); and B) even if it was ready, it seems unlikely that the government would be OK with the Big T kinda just sending it.

Still, it's cool that Tesla is following through on its promise to perform the retrofit for free for qualified customers. We look forward to seeing more features from the company that leverage the serious computing power of Tesla's new hardware.

Tesla had no official statement on the rollout.

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