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Tesla pickup and Semi get potential new rivals from startup Neuron

Neuron is a new face in the electric-vehicle game, and even though Tesla hasn't even shown its pickup yet, it wants a piece of the pie.

Neuron T/One and TORQ semi
Just another face, or a credible challenger?

Just when it appears no other company could possibly jump into the fray and announce its intentions to build electric vehicles, there's other. This time, it's California-based startup Neuron, and it's eying Tesla's soon-to-be-revealed pickup and the company's Semi with its latest reveals.

At the Shanghai Import Expo in China last week, Neuron revealed what it calls the T/One and Torq. The former is an "EUV," or electric utility vehicle, while the later is the startup's vision for an electric semi truck. The semi even sports a similar central driving position as the Tesla Semi.

The reveal was shy on actual details, such as batteries, electric motors, range and all that good stuff, but Neuron was keen to point out these concepts are meant to underscore the company's sustainability efforts. What those efforts are... aren't entirely clear because the company named just one area as to how they will "reduce waste and bring forth renewable solutions." That component is a solar panel in the T/One's bed cover.

Where Neuron did give detail is the architecture. Both models are built on a modular platform, and the electric pickup's scalable nature allows for interchangeable body components. The electric powertrain is also built to provide optimize interior room, while the battery pack can be swapped with replaceable units to extend the range.

Like the Torq concept, the T/One also boasts a central driving position, which is an odd choice for a pickup truck. Nevertheless, a single screen handles all functions with absolutely zero physical knobs or switches.

If these two concepts aren't enough, the company has dreamt even bigger. It's also previously shown renderings for electric buses and another modular electric truck akin to a construction vehicle. When Neuron will actually get down to business and build some physical vehicles, we don't know.

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