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'Dear California jackhole...': Tesla driver publicly shamed for parking across three Supercharger spots

This is the perfect example of how not to comport yourself while charging an electric vehicle.


Electric vehicles are still in their infancy, so there are many EV-related trails that have not yet been fully blazed. One of those is charger etiquette. If you're a first-time EV owner you may not be sure how to behave at a charging station. Let the story here stand as a lesson to those who think that parking across three charging spaces is a perfectly fine thing to do.

Electrek pointed our attention to the Tesla Worldwide Owners Facebook group, where a user named Debra called out the Model X pictured above. The offending Tesla was parked at a Supercharger station in Delaware. The post begins: "Dear California jackhole, Here in Delaware we think it is rude to take 3 supercharger spaces with one vehicle. What is wrong with you?????? This takes selfishness to a new level."

Aside from "California jackhole" being my new favorite insult to hurl at someone, this story highlights the troubles that will undoubtedly continue to appear -- not just at Tesla's Superchargers, but also at other charging spaces across the country.

Is it a dick move to take up three spaces of limited quantity? Absolutely. But, as Electrek notes, it's not necessarily a case of complete boneheadedness. Bike racks aren't easy to remove, and the owner could have been standing nearby to move the vehicle if space became limited and others needed a charge. Since it's likely that the "jackhole" would have objected to having their car photographed and publicly shamed, there's a good chance they weren't around to quickly move the car.

Regardless of whether or not the driver was on hand to correct their mistake, I think it goes without saying that you should try to avoid doing something like this at all costs. Don't be that guy.

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