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Tesla Cybertruck Lego kit is adorable, may see production

The latest version of this Lego Ideas project includes minifig versions of Elon Musk and Franz von Holzhausen.

It probably took all of 5 minutes after the Tesla Cybertruck rolled onto stage to slackened jaws before someone thought, "This thing would make a perfect Lego project." After all, Elon Musk's electric dream pickup truck has a squared-off, angular appearance that seems tailor made for the world's favorite toy bricks.

Many versions of the Tesla Cybertruck in brick form cropped up online shortly after the EV's Nov. 21 reveal, and the example seen here was submitted to the Lego Ideas program in early December by Twitter user @BrickinNick. The 14-inch-long model features a working tailgate and a hinged frunk, but the creator says he's investigating more updates, including everything from openable doors and a full interior to motorization.

It didn't take long for 10,000 people, the magic number of followers needed to trigger review by Lego authorities for possible commercialization, to sign on and endorse the idea. According to an official response by Lego, the project review process will commence in May

On Jan. 19, BrickinNick thanked the 10,000 supporters who voted for his blocky project on his Twitter feed

As noted by brand fan site Teslarati, the brick artist's latest version of the project not only includes a CyberQuad ATV, it has a stand featuring pair of stylish black-clad minifig characters designed to represent Elon Musk and Tesla designer Franz von Holzhausen, complete with a steel ball, a sledgehammer, and a miniaturized version of the Cybertruck itself. You may recall that Lego itself trolled Musk and Co. about the now-infamous window-shattering incident with a brilliantly simple tweet.

Even if Lego grants its approval, the Silicon Valley automaker will also have to give its blessing for any sort of official Tesla-branded Lego Cybertruck. But you don't have to wait that long to build one of your very own. You can watch BrickinNick's how-to video above.

The crisply folded, stainless-steel bodywork that makes for easy Lego miniaturization could prove to be one of the full-size Tesla Cybertruck's key engineering advantages. It figures to be a lot cheaper to produce than typical pickup trucks.

I love this minifig-scale Tesla Cybertruck as a desk accessory or child's toy. But what I really want to see is a larger-sale Technic version, like Lego's recent 2020 Land Rover Defender set. Denmark, are you listening?