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Tesla Cybertruck gets its own dwelling with the Cybunker -- yes, it's real

Right now, the Cybunker is in an engineering phase, but prices and availability should be ready early next year.

What else can we build for the Cybertruck, guys?

Lars Buro

Maybe you heard, but the Tesla Cybertruck will have a tough time fitting in a standard garage. It's not a unique problem for the electric pickup truck -- lots of pickups barely make the fit -- but it's hard to imagine any vehicle other than a Cybertruck as the catalyst for what you see here.

This is the Cybunker by Lars Buro, a research, develop and design company. These aren't just renderings of a neat place to store a Cybertruck, though. The company told Roadshow the plan is to 100% put this structure into production. Lars Buro calls this a "high-tech depot" or an "accessory dwelling unit." Really, it's a super-fancy garage for the Cybertruck that someone can also live in.

At the core of the Cybunker is a steel monocoque that the company says can withstand the harshest elements. The first portion of the structure measures 600 square feet with space for vehicles, equipment or whatever the owner wants in the space. Beyond that, there's another 1,800 square feet for commercial use, an apartment or really whatever your cyber-loving heart desires.

Honestly, it kind of looks like a place where a James Bond villain would hang out, but that's also a compliment. You can even get a airlock installed on the structure and the windows are armored. Where have I heard similar features explained before... oh, right, the Cybertruck.

The structure is self-sustaining, too, with solar glass on the roof and a battery system at the base of the bunker. Could it be the next big addition to homes? Maybe for one-percent folks. Lars Buro didn't discuss pricing for the structure, but it hopes to share more about how much it will cost and availability early next year.

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