Survey: Tesla Cybertruck doesn't impress the majority of Americans

If you count indifferent reactions and negative ones, the vast amount of those surveyed didn't react positively.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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America isn't all-in on the Cybertruck.


The Tesla Cybertruck may very well be the most polarizing vehicle of 2019. I'd go as far as naming it most polarizing vehicle of the decade, to be blunt.

While it's been easy to track the internet's reaction to the Cybertruck, which has included a lot of love but also plenty of jokes, we have some hard numbers attached to the electric pickup truck. Market research firm Piplsay surveyed  21,143 Americans nationwide to provide a better insight into how the country feels about this electric truck. After all, we are the land of the pickup.

Combining two categories, the vast majority of Americans aren't digging the Cybertruck. Of those that've seen the Cybertruck (56% didn't comment because they hadn't seen it or didn't know about it), 44% reacted negatively. The responses ranged from brushing it off as a rich person's toy to not being able to relate to it. Others said Tesla should focus on driving down the cost of electric cars instead.

Another 27% weren't sure about it, or thought the truck was, at most, somewhat amusing. Just 29% of Americans in the survey gave it an absolute thumbs-up. Responses ranged from individuals digging the futuristic looks and claiming the Cybertruck will shake up automotive design. Adding the unsure and negative responses gives us 71% of Americans not exactly thrilled with the pickup.

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Keep in mind, this is only 44% of the 21,143 Americans surveyed, since 56% had no opinion at all. Suddenly, that's a far smaller sample size with an opinion on Elon Musk's latest brainchild. It'd also be interesting to see how age affected the response.

Speaking of Musk, he took to Twitter to float the idea of a smaller Cybertruck in the future, and that's also something the firm asked Americans. Queried on if a smaller version would excite them, 46% of Americans answered with a "quick yes." That's, honestly, somewhat strange since the Cybertruck's dimensions aren't far off from the typical Ford F-150.

Another intriguing piece of information was 18% of those who said a smaller version would excite them added the design would need to be different to give it a pass. The rest of those surveyed said "no" to a smaller version (32%) or "I don't care" (22%).

Do the numbers matter? In this instance, probably not. The respondents with an answer on the Cybertruck is pretty tiny for a country with a population inching toward 330 million people. It does, however, possibly provide a snapshot into how Americans feel about the ultra-futuristic pickup.

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