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Tesla Cybertruck's Austin factory could go live next May

Construction should kick off soon as documents show Tesla's now requesting proposals to work on the site.

Tesla Cybertruck on Jay Leno's Garage
The first Cybertrucks are meant for late next year.
YouTube screencap

Tesla has laid out a speedy construction timetable for its upcoming Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. You know, the one that's scheduled to build the Cybertruck? I'm sure you're heard of it by now. Documents Tesla prepared for the Request For Proposal stage, where contractors bid for various construction work, show the electric carmaker aims for a May 21, 2021 "substantial completion" date.

By the American Institute of Architects' definition, "substantial completion" means the project sits at a point where the building can function as its intended purpose. While construction wouldn't be completely finished, Tesla could potentially begin production shortly thereafter. After all, the first Cybertrucks are supposed to arrive in late 2021, followed by less powerful models in 2022. Tesla also plans to use the new facility to build the Model Y for the eastern part of the US, freeing up space at its plant in Fremont, California.

Work's already begun at the site in Austin, but the real work will start as RFPs go out for electrical, plumbing, carpentry and HVAC this month, according to the documents. In November, the automaker plans to send RFPs for architectural interiors. The entire construction will cost about $400 million, Tesla said.

Austin landed the new factory after plenty of rumors and publicity surrounding a new US factory. It competed with Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the final stages of the selection process. Ultimately, based on reports, the incentives and tax breaks aligned for Tesla to make the move on Texas. Oklahoma, meanwhile, plans to try and woo the automaker's supplier base as it prepares to begin production in Texas as early as next year.

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