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Tesla cleans up in conquest sales, according to latest loyalty survey

For the second year running, Tesla converted the most buyers from one brand to its own

On a roll.

Tesla was once again the auto brand that did the best job converting car buyers from one brand to another, according to the latest information IHS Markit presented in its 25th Automotive Loyalty Awards. Last year, Tesla had the highest conquest percentage, which isn't hard to imagine as registrations for new vehicles from the carmaker exploded in 2020. The company came mighty close to delivering 500,000 cars last year.

Not only did Tesla nab the conquest award, it also became the winner of the Highest Alternative Powertrain Loyalty to Make. In other words, buyers again purchasing an electric car or fuel-cell vehicle remained steadfast in their loyalty to Tesla. As we've seen in past studies, not much deters a Tesla owner. Even if a group of owners registers poor quality or reliability with their car, they still enjoy it enough to give the brand a pass.

That's not to say Tesla's untouchable. A previous study from JD Power showed its group of customers surveyed hardly went into the process sold on the California-based carmaker. Instead, they kept an open mind to alternative EVs. If another automaker does puts in the work, there are minds to be swayed as the EV era really starts to heat up. The question is how other automakers can start to make inroads as Tesla cements itself as the poster child for advanced EVs, love the company or not.

Other automakers and brands had a good day with the IHS Markit awards, too. General Motors remained the winner for Overall Loyalty to Manufacturer and Ford walked away the winner in the Overall Loyalty to Make category. Alfa Romeo saw the most improvement in its loyalty figures, and Genesis won the firm's award for most conquest sales converted to loyalists. In other words, the brand brought buyers in, and those buyers stuck with it.