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Tesla won't build batteries at German Gigafactory as once planned

Now, the factory will likely just build electric cars.

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No battery production for Germany, it seems.

Tim Stevens/Roadshow

Although Tesla continues to move ahead on work for its fourth Gigafactory in Germany, the latest project approval documents show the automaker will actually scale back original plans.

Bloomberg reported Wednesday that Tesla no longer plans to build batteries at the German site, citing documents filed with the country's appropriate regulators. Now, it appears Tesla simply plans to manufacture cars at the new plant. Specifically, 100,000-plus cars, the documents reportedly state.

The documents also included new provisions to reduce the factory's water intake. The amount of water Tesla planned to consume for vehicle production was of particular concern to locals, as was a threat to local wildlife reproduction.

Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Interestingly enough, Tesla has filed to expand in-house battery production in California. It could be Tesla will focus battery production in a central location. We should know more when CEO Elon Musk hosts the company's Battery Day this September.

The whole German project actually hasn't received a final OK from the government, though officials have given it conditional approval, according to the report. Basically, Tesla can continue work for now unless officials discover an issue. Gigafactory 4, as the plant will be known, will also supposedly house a new paint shop where Tesla will be able to handle more intricate paintwork. Paint issues have been a well known problem in Tesla's past, but Musk previously said the German factory will house paint technology to give a "3D feeling to the paint."

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