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Tesla Berlin will be home to fancy paint jobs

Gigafactory 4 will support multilayered paint schemes that should let buyers experiment far beyond the traditional Tesla palette.

More colors, please.

Tesla's factory paint colors aren't exactly the most exciting group of hues, and the automaker's had a dotted history with paint quality in the past. Clearly, it's something CEO Elon Musk has on his mind because he said things will change when it comes to Tesla's Gigafactory 4 in Berlin.

Musk spoke with the Third Road Tesla podcast (with Sandy Munro as a special guest) and both of them talked about Tesla Berlin's future ability to lay down some unique paint schemes. Unlike the results of the traditional process employed at Tesla's other two production plants, we could be looking at some truly wild paint colors. Musk said it could involve layering a gloss coat, then a color tint and topping those two with another gloss coat for a "3D feeling to the paint."

As mentioned, with ho-hum paint quality in the past and a boring batch of colors on offer, this is certainly some welcome news on spicing up a Tesla's exterior. Today, the Model 3 still only offers white, black, gray, blue and red. Each color, save for white, is an extra cost option, too and costs $1,000 more. The multicoat red hue is $2,000 more.

Construction of the new factory hasn't begun yet, though Tesla had started clearing land earlier this year for the site. Musk previously said he wants to see the facility up and running in 2021. The coronavirus pandemic could, however, toss a wrench in those plans. Aside from the Berlin-based site, Tesla is also looking for a new site where it can build the Cybertruck in the central US.

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