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Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Tesla places attendants at California Superchargers to help deal with demand

There appears to be a bit of confusion on their role, however, as Tesla and vehicle owners are providing different stories.

It would be pretty entertaining to watch a bunch of tech aficionados get into street brawls over Superchargers, though.


Tesla's high-speed Superchargers are excellent for long-distance drivers that need a nearly full battery in an hour or less. But as Tesla's presence expands, so does the demand for these chargers. To combat demand at certain Supercharger locations, Tesla's started rolling out specialists to keep everything operating efficiently.

Electrek notes that Tesla posted job openings for "Charging Experience Specialists" at the end of 2015. The site originally called them valets, but Tesla sent out a statement claiming that these specialists "will not be driving the vehicles or taking the keys."

Of course, the only way to manage demand at a high-traffic Supercharger would be to take owners' keys and move cars to and from chargers while the owners are off doing...whatever. And Electrek points out that some California-based Tesla owners have reported these specialists doing exactly what Tesla said they aren't supposed to.

But Tesla stands firm that this is not the case. It claims the specialists are there "to help ensure a positive charging experience and manage onsite customer demand," but how else would that happen without having access to the cars themselves? Otherwise, their sole purpose would appear to involve ameliorating drivers that are stuck waiting.

Whatever the case may be, it may soon get to a point where valets will be necessary. As a charge takes less than an hour, owners going shopping might leave their cars at a station for too long, which can lead to bottlenecks. It's like a busy gas station in that regard.