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Terror in the pits at Road America

In part 3 of my web video blog dedicated to the scariest car fires in auto racing, today's video shows a car fueling in the pit at Road America that inexplicably goes up in flames.


As we have seen thus far this week in my blog, auto racing crashes that lead to car fires are pretty scary. But as today's video shows, perhaps what's even more frightening is a car fire that seemingly comes out of nowhere...and that's exactly what happens in this video from pit lane at Road America.

This web video from YouTube doesn't come along with a whole lot of additional information (date, name of race, driver, etc), but that doesn't really matter. No matter what year, what driver or how big the event, nothing could possibly be more terrifying to a driver and his crew is to pull up for a routine pit stop and all of a sudden have the vehicle catch fire. The car pulls up at about the :25 second mark, and all of a sudden the damn car goes up in a blaze and nearly catches the pit crew on fire as well. This goes to prove it doesn't take a car collision or crash into a wall to make one of these high powered racing vehicles turn into a lethal weapon.