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Terrafugia's flying car heading to NY auto show

The flying car will be on display at the New York International Auto Show in April.

Filling up the Terrafugia Transition.
Filling up the Terrafugia Transition. Terrafugia

Concept cars at auto shows are often harbingers for what could come in the next few years, so what should show goers think about Terrafugia's debut at the New York International Auto Show?

Terrafugia's Transition is a two-seater aircraft with folding wings that's also capable of driving around town and on highways. The flying car is set for its first big auto show in April. Terrafugia will display its latest generation production prototype at the event, and reveal details of future plans. Although test-drives won't be part of the experience, the Woburn, Mass.-based company will demonstrate the vehicle's folding wings for audiences and show videos of the Transition in flight and on the road.

The New York auto show will be the Terrafugia's first auto show, but it may soon come to a showroom near you. The company received an exemption last year from the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration to permit its vehicles on public roads. The vehicle is expected to enter production this year and retail for around $250,000.