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TeleNav puts GPS navigation into your phone's HTML5 browser

TeleNav combines the functionality of navigation apps with the ubiquity of browser-based maps.

TeleNav HTML5 navigation
TeleNav demos its browser-based HTML5 navigation service on the Apple iPhone, but it should work just as well on Android and BlackBerry devices, Windows Phone smartphones, and feature phones. TeleNav

TeleNav's latest trick combines the functionality of navigation apps with the ubiquity of browser-based maps.

Of course, getting turn-by-turn directions on your phone is nothing new--just look at the Google Maps app--but it requires launching a discrete navigation app. Likewise, browser-based maps services are nothing new either--just look at the Google Maps Web page in your phone's browser--but usually they're static, lacking motion and live updates for location and directions. TeleNav announced today that it's blending these two technologies and delivering the first browser-based map service to also give turn-by-turn GPS navigation.

The HTML5-based service comes in the form an embeddable map that moves as the position of the device changes and can give turn-by-turn directions to smartphones and tablets. Many of the features that we've come to expect from portable navigation devices and navigation apps will be available in TeleNav's service, including automatic rerouting when a turn is missed and spoken audio prompts. Being HTML5-based, the service should require no additional installation on the consumer's part.

What's more, TeleNav plans to make the navigation service free to consumers and developers. Consumers will be able to access the service from a smartphone, feature phone, or tablet browser when it launches in early 2012.

Developers and Web site publishers will be able to, with just one line of code, integrate TeleNav's navigation into their products, so that people won't need to leave their mobile Web sites or apps to begin navigation. Interested developers of travel, shopping, local search, and deals apps and mobile sites can apply for early access by visiting TeleNav's Web site at