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TeleNav Auto 2.0 sends addresses from phone to car

At the Telematics Munich 2011 show, TeleNav showed off a new version of its navigation SDK, providing better integration between phone and car.

TeleNav iPhone app
Wayne Cunningham/CNET

TeleNav's new navigation platform promises to link cars and smartphones.

Drivers frequently find themselves consulting a phone for an address, then typing it into a car's navigation system. At the Telematics Munich conference, TeleNav announced a solution to this problem, seamless interactivity between smartphones and TeleNav-equipped cars.

A use case described to CNET by Mark Scalf, director of automotive products for TeleNav, involved a user getting an appointment notification on his cell phone, and easily sending the address for the appointment to the car's navigation system. After parking, the TeleNav system transfers navigation back to the phone, guiding the user from car to the specific address of the appointment.

The TeleNav Auto 2.0 platform also lets automakers tap TeleNav's existing cloud-based data, which includes gas prices and other information useful to the driver.

Further capabilities include the ability of TeleNav Auto 2.0 to communicate navigation data to the car's own drive systems. A car made aware of the road ahead, the electronic horizon in navigation-speak, could automatically gear down for an upcoming hill or put on the brakes if it is going too fast for the next turn.

Although TeleNav has become a major player in smartphone navigation, it is not as prevalent in the automotive space. Its technology is currently used in some Ford models, and TeleNav recently signed a deal with automotive supplier Delphi. Delphi has close ties to GM, but manufactures equipment for other automakers as well.

Scalf said it could be up to 18 months before TeleNav Auto 2.0 is incorporated into a production car.

TeleNav iPhone app
TeleNav's current iPhone app shows maps in 2D and 3D. Wayne Cunningham/CNET
TeleNav iPhone app
The TeleNav app also shows gas prices, which can now be integrated with navigation. Wayne Cunningham/CNET