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Technology lures women car buyers

From automatic liftgates to voice-activated navigation systems, carmakers are using technology to market their vehicles to female car buyers.

Do women care about technology in their cars? Yes, say manufacturers, and they're banking on new technology and safety features along with a healthy dose of style to appeal to women car buyers.

A Ford marketing survey found that women buy 45 to 50 percent of all new cars and influence up to 80 percent of all automotive purchases. To target this powerful demographic, carmakers are highlighting the female-friendly technology that makes their busy lives easier.

Gone are the days when manufacturers thought women only cared about mirrors embedded in the visor. Research shows women car buyers are interested in safety technology, such as backup cameras, airbags, and warning systems, and they're also looking for seamless communication technology that keeps them connected to their families, work, and social lives.

At a recent promotional event for women automotive journalists, 11 auto manufacturers demonstrated vehicles they're marketing toward female car buyers. Showcased vehicles ranged from compact fuel sippers to family haulers, and each offered technology features that make life easier for the woman on the go. The following is a slideshow of the showcased vehicles and their tech offerings: