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Hot Wheels.

Team Hot Wheels attempts longest car jump at Indy 500

Team Hot Wheels, a newly formed stunt driving team, will attempt the longest jump ever at the 100th anniversary of the Indy 500.

Hot Wheels ramp
This rendering shows the ramp Hot Wheels will use to make its long-jump attempt. (Click to enlarge.) Hot Wheels

Spectators at this year's Indy 500, the 100th anniversary of the race, will see a 10-story-tall door free-standing in the infield of the old Brickyard. Attached to that door will be an orange track, a full-scale roadway designed to look like Hot Wheels' signature plastic tracks.

A driver from the newly formed Team Hot Wheels will speed down the 90-foot ramp, launching into the air in an attempt to break the current world record of a 302-foot jump in a four-wheeled vehicle. Hot Wheels won't name the driver, but we think of him as crazy brave.

Hot Wheels has not released details of what sort of car the driver will use. From the promotional video below released by Hot Wheels, it looks like it will be a custom truck, similar to the kind used in off-road races.

The race, and jump attempt, take place on May 29.