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Tata Motors to rename the Zica because of the Zika virus epidemic

Probably best to not have your car associated with a virus that affects babies.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok

In a move that nearly everyone on the planet would consider a good idea, Indian automaker Tata Motors is renaming its small car, the Zica, because of the Zika virus that's currently making its way through the Western Hemisphere.

The car, which is expected to be shown off at the New Delhi auto show this week, does not yet have a new name, but Reuters says that Tata is figuring that out now. The simple hatchback packs both diesel and gasoline drivetrain options, and Top Gear claims its driving dynamics are "quite good."

Of course, a great drive and a cute face can't force the public to turn a blind eye to the mosquito-borne virus, which could infect millions of North and South Americans and is known to cause defects in newborns. Thus, a badge-swapping is in order.

Tata doesn't sell any vehicles in the US under its own nameplate, but the company does own both Jaguar and Land Rover.